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Jillian Jones Formerly Jillian Quist

Snitch Subject: Bestiality and Lies Lies and some more Dog Di** for Jillian Jones Formerly Jillian Quist

Jillian Jones Formerly Jillian Quist and goes by SlurpyDogPussy , K9katchernsac and KnottyRuffTimes in Jillians bestiality world and chat boards. While Prostituting Jillian goes by Vanna Sweets or Vanna Vit or Vanna The White or Vanna Pretty. Jillian was criminally convicted of bestiality in 2019 in Sacramento county and additionally she's into incest Kink daddy daughter roleplay with her daughters Makenna and Allison Quist. Jillian does porn videos and puts her daughter's name out on video as she's a real sexual deviant. Jillian is a known violator of basic human civil liberties as she goes to the court systems and lies about people and gets restraining orders and other things issued against them and filed against them based on lies. Jillian is a prostitute in Sacramento and Roseville area as she solicits herself online and she's been doing that since 2015 that's a known fact and she's currently still violating and sexually assaulting and abusing dogs. How can Jillian be an addiction counselor when she's addicted to dog di** and sexually abusing them. That kind of goes against what she's doing as an addiction counselor so I think Bridges needs to take another look at this because shits going to hit the fan and there's going to be a big shitstorm coming real soon like real soon!! Furthermore Jillian when she was she was meeting a TRICK OR A CLIENT while doing her prostitution which she still is doing presently she met a client and she ended up getting a gun pulled on her and the reason being is because she robbed the client of money try to get the money and get out of there and not give up the pus** well like I said you got a gun pulled on her she freaked out called the Sacramento PD and then lied about it just that she got a gun pulled on her and didnt explain the whole situation when the cops got there she didn't say who the guy was she said oh he went that way the opposite way he went but bottom line is she's the one that fuc*** up she went out there being a prostitute and then she robbed the guy and then she made a false police report like crime crime crime on top of crime. Jillian also just lied to get money from programs saying that she's a human sex trafficking victim and that is an absolute false statement and she even said that last about it on video but she's getting over on them but it never happened that she's lying she use that to try to help her Federal prosecution for beastiality because you can't leave the dog di** alone and she violates subhuman species left and right she violates her own children by putting their names out there on video for the whole world to know them and their names as they are just little girls. Jillian tries to get people in trouble through the court systems, call cops on people and say people are pulling guns on her. Lies to get restraining orders on people. She's also been involved in vehicular theft for stealing a car, methamphetamine possession And the list goes on and on. Jillian Jones formerly Jillian Quist is a real ultimate bully of all species and things and organisms and most importantly for her little baby girls!! Jillian has anal warts and veginal herpes and she's given anal warts to at least one person maybe more than one as she's spreading STDs and she's not telling the people up front which is a travesty. I mean this lady is a real Violator and truly a criminal! She made up. Text messages between her and her ex as if they were having a conversation but it was really just her and she was making up lies and conversations and she filed paperwork to get a restraining order against him based on lies. https://stdcarriers.com/registry/bio/3243-jillian-jones-hivandaids.aspx http://www.predatorswatch.com/?s=Jillian+Jones&x=0&y=0 http://www.predatorswatch.com/?s=Jillian+quist&x=0&y=0 https://www.reddit.com/search?q=Jillian%20Quist https://escortindex.com/search?daterange=&search=9168229665 https://escortindex.com/ad/sf/916-599-7099/1/557534 https://www.sugardaddyforme.com/sugar-babies/ca/citrus-heights/vannasweet
Category: Crime Added: 2020-03-29 01:22:39 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: CA City: Roseville ZIP: 95678

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Bestiality and Lies Lies and some more Dog Di** for Jillian Jones Formerly Jillian Quist


RELEASE THE HOUNDS!! WTF!! DUDE HAD HIS WHOLE ARM UP JILLIAN'S PUS** AND IT STILL WASN'T ENOUGH and Arm DISAPPEARED and still MISSING!! simply simply the Best but the one thing is she does #KNOTProtectingMakennaQuist Jillian Quist the SlurpyDogPussywill throw her own daughters names under the bus in a heartbeat and smear it all over p0rn videos for the whole world to see that's knot protecting knot protecting knot protecting but besides that Jíllian is honestly and simply the best Doggy sl** there is. Like said before over and over. https://www.google.com/search?q=slurpydogpussy&source=lmns&tbm=vid&bih=512&biw=320&client=ms-android-americamovil-us-revc&prmd=imvn&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwiyjd-l26LoAhUKtJ4KHTJmCgkQ_AUoA3oECAAQBg#ip=1 https://www.google.com/search?q=slurpydogpussy&client=ms-android-americamovil-us-revc&hl=en&prmd=imvn&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj7rIez26LoAhWiHjQIHcGuDCUQ_AUIESgA&biw=320&bih=512&dpr=1.5 I know but it's worth repeating like mentioned many times before here it goes Jíllian is definitely #1 Doggy Sl** in Sacramento Greater Area and in Roseville you can visit her InCall location. Try and Bring Mastiff if possible. http://sniitch.com/showsniitch/vanna_sweets_1291212/ https://www.pornhub.com/users/SacramentoDogSlut http://www.predatorswatch.com/?s=Jillian+quist&x=0&y=0 https://www.pornhub.com/users/SacramentoDogSlut
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Come out tweaker Boy! Fuc*** Fag Boy your as* on a real slumber down and out twacked out to long can't play anymore? Fuc*** pus** arse biotch yur pathetic cuz Jill left yur druggie loser no gud for nuthin weak sauce fag boy
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