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Jessica erickson

Snitch Subject: She’s a narcissistic cheater

She’s a cheater and She’s a crazy and controlling. Period.
Category: Adultery Added: 2018-06-12 21:06:12 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: GA City: Athens

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She’s a narcissistic cheater


I’ve heard this before about her. She makes it out like you’re the problem and accuses you, when actually she’s banging your friend behind your back. Then moves in with him after she dumps you and acts like you never existed. Cu** supreme. And she’s not even that hot. Prefers black guys. Gross
posted on Jul 23 2018 11:09:45 PM

Haha. Yeah she gets around. Flirts with every guy at the gym. Works late shift at intown suites. Looks like a meth addict. Stays at the connection. Stay away. She’s a snitch too
posted on Dec 06 2018 03:13:40 AM

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