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Jessica erickson

Snitch Subject: She’s a narcissistic cheater

She’s a cheater and She’s a crazy and controlling. Period.
Category: Adultery Added: 2018-06-12 21:06:12 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: GA City: Athens

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She’s a narcissistic cheater


I’ve heard this before about her. She makes it out like you’re the problem and accuses you, when actually she’s banging your friend behind your back. Then moves in with him after she dumps you and acts like you never existed. Cu** supreme. And she’s not even that hot. Prefers black guys. Gross
posted on Jul 23 2018 11:09:45 PM

Haha. Yeah she gets around. Flirts with every guy at the gym. Works late shift at intown suites. Looks like a meth addict. Stays at the connection. Stay away. She’s a snitch too
posted on Dec 06 2018 03:13:40 AM

This is funny. She’s obsessed with my husband bc they used to be “best friends” then dated. She treated him like sh** then I got him. Of course she tells all his friends that she’s the innocent one. She’s crazy AF. Low and behold she misses their “friendship”. Don’t be fooled, she’ll get into your accounts and read your private messages and history, even though she’s always on the prowl. She’s a cheater to the core. She’ll act on lust and won’t ever tell you. You’ll find out later on down the road from your mutual friends. She apparently has had a few abortions too, so you won’t ever know. Take some freakin birth control lady. She thinks she’s a catch because she did modeling in college. Who didn’t. She isn’t that hot clearly bc she’s not doing it now. Shes just a fat miserable dried up psycho. You’ll never have him again. You had your chance and screwed that up. Back TF off and try to ki** yourself again. You’ll never amount to sh** and can’t handle a career. Stick to your BS jobs and your drug habit, and move back to Tennessee, or stay in white trash lula where you belong.
posted on Mar 21 2019 12:10:44 AM

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