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Jerry N. Cummings

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This person , along with his girlfriend , who also draws a crazy check of almost $900.00 a month, her name is Paula Gibson lived at 906 McDonald Ave. in Hamlet , N.C., SSN#247-27-4351. He also said his grandchildren lived with him , . which is a lie. Sophia , SSN#322-33-3108 , Kemonte , SSN#683-10-4940 Jerry`s SSN# 243-04-8963 I know this is not so , because he lived with me for half of 2014. It looks as though he used a P.O.Box 1964 , Rockingham , N.C. It`s not fair to see these people get away with this , while honest citizens have to pay their fare share.
Category: Fraud Added: 2015-03-26 13:34:48 Year: 2014 Country: United States State: NC City: Hamlet ZIP: 28345

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Tax cheat

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