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Jeremy Heath Simons

Snitch Subject: SNITCH and a lil' Bit**

Jeremy is a cop calling, Snitching pus** as* bit**. He stole his best friends bike, then tried to holdout for a ransom of $70...really Jeremy, $70...anyways, he set his friend up and called the cops.on him. He also Loves to use people for personal gain, will steal right out of your car or home and he thinks he's hot sh it cause he slants a couple grams of dope a day. He's an IV user so beware of health risks if you come into contact with this sh it bag. HE once stole over 300 from this chick who helped him out out of the goodness of her heart and left her stranded 30miles from home! And did I.mention she was a single mother...Jeremy's a real piece of work, he's a squatter and he's a liar, lies about everything including having been a former Marine! Watch Out!
Category: Shoutout Added: 2018-10-02 16:51:10 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: CA City: Sherman Oaks & Woodland Hills

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SNITCH and a lil' Bit**

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