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Jennifer ann alexander

Snitch Subject: BiT** is a SNITCH !

Douglas county a most notorious ci. I have paper and more to prove it
Category: Crime Added: 2021-02-16 09:52:46 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NV City: Gardnerville ZIP: 89460

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BiT** is a SNITCH !


Illiterate, fat loud mouthed wannabe washoe gangsta, white trash tweeker, has 4 or 5 illigitamate kids with all different daddy's that she dumped on her parents and doesn't raise, or support. Turned SUPER SNITCH 2019 cuz she got popped again and didn't want to do the time, snitched off her charges so she could still run a muck on the streets sucking the glass di**, AND STILL CONTNUES PUTTIN WORK DCSO AFTER THEY DROPPED HER CHARGES DEC.3RD 2019…!! PROBABLY SUCKIN SET TEAM COP DI**! She hangs out on the dresslerville and carson colony Res, she a wanna be washoe gangsta WHITE GIRL. IVE GOT HER ON PAPER AND THE WIRE TAPS OF HER WEARING , BEING WIRED UP BY COPS AND THE CONVOS WITH HER AND COPS B4 AND AFTER DOING DRUG DEALS & SETTING PEOPLE UP! HAPPY TO SHARE/OUT ANY INFO/PROOF WITH ANYONE WHO DOUBTS HER CREDIBILITY! THIS DIRTY RAT SNITCH CU** NEEDS TO GO DOWN!
posted on Feb 16 2021 10:14:39 AM

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