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jeffery l paul sr

Snitch Subject: Fed/State c.i.

C.I. MN, WI, Fl, CA, NV,
Category: Crime Added: 2017-10-01 03:06:51 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: WI City: Wausau ZIP: 54401

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Fed/State c.i.


I know for a fact that this individual, is a straight up FED. I was locked up with him in Washington co. Jail located in Stillwater Minnesota, and when he wasn't hiding behind the bible in the day room playing the role of The Almighty Man of GOD! He would be in our cell study his paperwork on how he could pass off his drug charges onto others who were involved with his 2nd Degree meth case. I personally observed notes he had written about how he planned to shift all the blame mainly onto a man whose name is Tommy Mayer, so he could get himself off the hook, and outta prison! Jeffrey Lee Paul Sr, Is a Holy rollin, Jesus blowin, hiding behind the bible Son of a bit**, who is also a #1 Snitch!
posted on May 18 2018 07:45:22 PM

He is also a stalker, and a woman beater. A no good waste of a person a drain on our system.. And a flat out pier. He is an addict of the worst kind. Hes a needle user. He only uses people and throws them away when they are no use any more. He will cheat his girlfriends, sleep with your wife. And look you dead in the face and lie.. Cause she's crazy, and she needs help really bad.. He believes he is untouchable, and above the law, he is bound by no laws or limits, he is to good for a job and takes what ever is available... And doesn't care who it hurts.. He is always in the right and juistified on his wrong doings. Not even the law will hold him accountable for mayham.. They let him go every time.. Funny no licence, no vales plates stolen property and used needles fill his filthy truck.. And he drives away..
posted on Jun 03 2018 07:06:44 AM

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