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Jeffery E Mullaney

Snitch Subject: police informant, meth

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Category: Problem Added: 2012-12-08 14:29:04 Year: 2011 Country: United States State: CA City: Riverside ZIP: 92509

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police informant, meth


Heads up to all my friends people we all know an love have been visited by the riverside sheriff. Along with the narcotics task force had there homes raided in Rubidoux ,Mira loma an the Pedley area .A white male 5'09 "to 6" ft 200 lb wearing a red baseball cap was seen leaving in a white nissan or ford pick up truck. After purchaseing of a controlled substance at each of the locations minutes before they conducted there raids .Coincidence i think not but thats for you to judge . We did obtain paper work on this individual.An he needs too be disciplined in the right way. So my friends just be careful on who we deal with an lets deal with this problem .Before this problem sets any one else up . . Thank You An Good Night
posted on Dec 08 2012 02:37:02 PM

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