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Snitch Subject: Cop Caller

Just a heads up in case you come across this piece of work - he's one charming and endearing motherfucker, faking humility and playing the persevering martyr. He'll tell you about how he's spent most of his life in prison (truth is, the longest stretch he ever did was 5 years, but he'll have you believing he did double dimes). He'll share lots of stories where he's been fucked-over when he was just trying help someone out or about how hard he's worked at not being a sociopath anymore. Yet if you pay close enough attention, you'll see the underlying theme and the subtle mindfucks he deftly employs to manipulate your emotions and have you believing he's a solid brother who'll always have your back. Truth is, you are disposable. You are allowed his attention as long as you provide support for his ego and means to his ends. Once you start to show any insubordination or your attention is spent on something/someone else or you enforce the terms of any agreements made about any hustles or loans, or whatever - watch your back because you probably won't see it coming. He's a snake and won't let on that he's about to do his best to fu** your world up. See, no matter how fair, generous, forgiving, or supportive you are to Jeff, it will never be enough. If he doesn't have everything of yours or you have anything more than him, he feels cheated and will make you pay. If he doesn't get it from you by lying or stealing or if he can't manipulate you into giving it to him - he'll make sure you won't have it for long because he'll drop the dime on you. Usually the first words out of his mouth when he feels wronged are, "I'm calling the cops" He's had his wife thrown in jail at least 10 times in the past 4 years. He's too much the coward to handle his business himself so to make himself feel tough and in control, he'll call in the cops. Avoid this piece of sh** at all costs.
Category: Advice Added: 2016-10-28 22:32:59 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: CO City: denver ZIP: 80221

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Cop Caller

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