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Jeannetta Caldwell

Snitch Subject: Saling trading food stamp card for drugs

Tired of watching jeannetta lynn caldwell at 1881 mitchell atwater ca 95301 sale trade her food stamp card for drugs
Category: Crime Added: 2020-07-30 17:05:57 Year: 2020 Country: United States State: CA City: Atwater ZIP: O5301


Something needs to be done about these kind of people
posted on Jul 30 2020 05:07:24 PM

JEANNETTA CALDWELL is sleeping with the town of Atwater three guys at same time !! Ho !! Who** !! She trying to say that baby is Franklin e Compton's but we know its Jason c omg what a who**
posted on Aug 08 2020 03:55:32 AM

You're one of those people that get in other people's business even when it's not affecting you in any way. Why do you care what she does with her food stamp card? Worry about your own sh**.
posted on Aug 17 2020 01:51:22 AM

Jeannetta caldwell is full of hate and deep jealousy she will spend tbe rest of her controlling life paying for it she destroys others out of pure jealousy n uate if she cant have it neither will they through out the past five years she has cheated lived with someone else more than one boyfriend ect....and the real victum sat on the side lines as solid as they come and watched her life be destroyed as long as i live ill never miss a day of praying for youbless you change me
posted on Aug 20 2020 04:13:28 AM

posted on Aug 20 2020 04:15:12 AM

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