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be careful. she has hiv, sells her food stamps for meth put 3 people in prison for 12 years and is a paid confidental informant for Taft police and bakersfield police. she gives her diseases to the men she sleeps with for money.
Category: Crime Added: 2018-01-25 23:21:05 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: CA City: TAFT ZIP: 93268

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i know this bi*ch she testified at my brothers trial and hes has 3 children she set him up and got paid to flip.
posted on Jan 25 2018 11:22:52 PM

she buys her HIV treatments in mexico and shot up meth on camera after she sucked a di** for 20 dollars
posted on Jan 25 2018 11:24:22 PM

She put my friend in jail and set him up he wouldnt of had the drugs if she didnt ask him to get it. i saw the police report her name was blacked out but when a light was put to the document her name was very clear. SHE should be careful as for her HIV i know for a FACT she has it. cant get her prosecuted for attempted murder for infecting my cousin on purpose but her day is coming. TAFT WHO** KARMA
posted on Jan 25 2018 11:28:05 PM

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