Jasper mcvey - Sold drugs to a middle schooler

I witnessed something fuc*** up and as a person with any kind of sense needs to say something. I understand people use drugs and who am I to judge but when your dealing to a child something needs to be done. I hope he gets caught..

I couldn't agree more.
2019-04-13 18:48:04
Dude is a psycho he played with himself in front of his kids. The older daughter which is not his he walks in when she is in the shower. He watches his son and daughter play doctor and what's the worst part his wife does not even care. Those kids need to be taken away. Wife Laura is a pill popper and also does meth goes off with men for money he steals money from employers and sells drugs and stolen property. Oh and not to mention he portrays himself as a veteran which I He isnt he was dishonorably discharged for punching his superior and stealing a gun from him. This family is nothing but criminals.
2019-07-04 10:23:23

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