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Jason Green

Snitch Subject: Lying cheating abusive criminal

He uses girls to get drugs. He cheats on his girlfriends. He chokes and hits them. He calls them names. He uses meth and heroin. He doesn’t care about anybody. Acts nice and shy but it’s fake.
Category: Abuse Added: 2020-05-03 17:19:52 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: CA City: Los Angeles ZIP: 91042

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Lying cheating abusive criminal


Jason is mentally unstable. He has bipolar. He also looks for women who are either drugged out skanks or he gets one that’s decent; but he starts with verbal then physical then he disrespects them nonstop. He is a monster with no heart and will blow any unsuspecting nice girls life away by his lying and pretending to love them. While abusing more and more over time.
posted on May 03 2020 05:26:48 PM

Jason has deviant and dark behaviors. He also indulges in gay sex when he’s depressed and doesn’t have a girlfriend. He can be nice but not when he uses drugs which is all the time.
posted on May 03 2020 05:30:07 PM

He calls women disrespectful names. Vandalized property. Tells huge lies. Never tells the truth. Steals from girls he dates. He’s violent. He’s a bully. Worse part is he hides all this from his family so they think he’s perfect. He takes advantage of women.
posted on May 03 2020 05:34:37 PM

Why 4 posts from the same person? If you're trying to make it appear that different people left those comments you should know it logs your IP address each time so you can see they are all from the same person. Not sure why else you'd post then comment on your own post multiple times.
posted on May 08 2020 10:25:29 PM

if this the fool that lives in Ttown then he aint no peckerwood gangster like he said. hes a chump how does someone be both right?
posted on Jun 30 2020 02:28:19 AM

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