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ok, so i'm in 8th grade and i tottally liked this guy (ricky) he is so cuttteee. Anyways he told me that if i had sex with him he wud be my boyfriend. well last week we had sex afterschool at my house...but it didn't feel good like everyone says. so lately it hurts when i pee and stuff comes out from down there. I'm scared to tell my mom cuz she'll know i had sex. what should i do?? Is that normal after sex? help
Category: Problem Added: 2008-04-19 20:17:10 Year: 2008 Country: United States State: TX City: San Antonio

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1st time having sex


No its not normal to "have stuff coming out". You probably have an infection and should get it checked out.
posted on Apr 20 2008 12:34:37 PM

If you have a place around you like a free clinic, or a Planned Parenthood, you should check it out. They will help you with stuff like that, and they will not tell your parents.
posted on Apr 21 2008 11:38:16 AM

Fu** that, tell your mom, you need that asswhooped anyway.
posted on Apr 25 2017 01:02:14 AM

Haha asswhooped, Agreed. Tell your mom so she can help you and keep your legs together girl. Sh** go sit in walmart for an hour, that'll be all the reminder you need about why you dont want to risk getting pregnant so young. Oh and, guys lie, get used to it. Dont trust.
posted on Jun 10 2017 12:48:18 AM

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