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Jana Gradin

Snitch Subject: Snitch

Category: Complaint Added: 2019-12-18 17:22:44 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: CA City: Fremont ZIP: 94538

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Slanderous lie from a chicken sh** ex boyfriend who needs to get a life and a job
posted on Sep 27 2020 06:22:10 PM

Total snitch. My friend sits in jail as I speak because of Jana's loose lips. Shame
posted on Nov 29 2020 02:35:45 AM

Who ever put this up on her is a cold one that needs to get his as* whipped on
posted on Dec 11 2020 10:53:01 AM

Why dont you say who you are pus**
posted on Dec 12 2020 05:48:23 PM

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