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Stay clear of this loser. He went to police and offered information, which in turn, got myself and others charges. Fuc*** up thing is... he did it for nothing. Didn't get jail time off..didn't get a reward... just simply wanted to talk to the police that day. BEWARE. He was a very close friend for many years. Anyone that knows this PUS** should knw me, as I've been his BEST female friend for years. Contact me to see paperwork
Category: Crime Added: 2013-07-28 03:07:03 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: IA City: des moines ZIP: 50315

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Punk as* bit**. Y don't u tell everyone that u have admitted to being a snitch as* bit**!!!!
posted on Oct 14 2013 02:32:40 AM

Jimmy u r a puke. Can't wait for your karma to catch up to you. Your days are numbered. Bit**!!!!!
posted on Mar 15 2014 11:50:36 AM

Stillba punk as* bit**. Don't think we don't know where our at. U can try n skip state, but we will always be one step ahead of u PUS**. YOUR KARMA IS COMING DOUCHE BAG
posted on Aug 16 2014 12:40:37 AM

In 97' he tried to get me burned by calling my employer. He is a fag.
posted on Mar 28 2015 06:29:29 AM

So this dude jus snitched jus to do it? It's called integrity.if u seen some girl getting raped but didn't know her would you let it happen? Same thing you tweakers have some fuc*** up thinking patterns this guy should be praised for doin the right thing.dont like getting told on don't do sh** to get told on and who cares bout some sh** that happened back then when the game changes u got to adapt
posted on May 11 2015 12:07:03 AM

Integrity? Seriously? YouR about dumb as that piece of sh**. Here if you can't handle handle the heat , stay out the kitchen. Or if u can't run with the big dogs, stay the fu** on the porch. James petefish knows whata bit** he is. That's why he has apologized up one side n Down the other. Blaming it on the dope. If he couldnt handle his dope, he should have stuck to fu***** ugly bitc*** and drinkn. So here bud go suck on his balls some more. SNITCH IS A SNITCH. NO OTHER WAY TO PUT IT.
posted on Jun 16 2015 04:32:03 AM

Sounds like your the snitch takes one to know one take your own advice and stay out the kitchen if you can't handle the heat pus**. Lay off the dope. That's what happens to tweakers they get told on or robbed. Misery loves company just like you do to other ppl getting them hooked on that sh** rum.
posted on Apr 22 2016 12:12:15 AM

lmao. look where you are again?!! KARMA IS A FU***** BIT**!! and she sure loves you!! BIT** AS* DUDE!!
posted on Feb 23 2017 12:35:56 PM

still a fu***** bit** petefish.. cant wait for your karma to catch up to you!!
posted on Jan 14 2019 02:09:18 PM

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