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Jacklyn Buhrman

Snitch Subject: SHES A SNITCH

Sent me to jail for nine months! wrote out a statement! TESTIFIED AGAINST ME AS WELL!
Category: Shoutout Added: 2012-11-07 01:23:20 Year: 2010 Country: United States State: NE City: Fremont ZIP: 68025

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This girl went to the Fremont PD in Nebraska, wrote out a two page statement (inaccurate as hell) and told them about a burglary on a business. (I have paperwork on that) and she's snitched off Paul Leffler, sent him to federal prison, there are others I can prove each and every single one! Her name is Jaclyn Buhrman on facebook. Shes a resident of Fremont, NE.
posted on Jun 28 2016 12:34:40 AM

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