Hickory Mist Rental Cabins - Reputation

I am just wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about this company. We just had an awful stay partly because of the weather and partly because of the company not helping us.

Sounds about par for that company. They have never had been known for great management. Master micromanagers,poor customer service.
2011-01-04 18:16:47
We stayed in one of the Maranatha Cabins. The road was not cleared of snow until three days after it snowed. And it still was not safe. One of the renters got their van stuck in the ditch and it was there for three days.
2011-01-05 10:36:18
I see that Hickory Mist did it again. They rented Maranatha Cabins for the weekend and did NOT get the road from the highway to the cabins treated for snow. Or even plowed. The renters had to carry their luggage, supplies, and food to their cabins. The road is ONLY 200 hundred yards long that needed to be taken care of. Renters, you need to rent cabins in Cobbly Nob. They plow and treat the roads in this subdivision.
2011-01-19 06:44:50
We are 7 days into our 10-day 5-bedroom cabin rental - we have a cabin full of problems and the entire management team has its head in the sand. When his team did not address our problems to satisfaction, we opened our schedule to Nick Hall, gen mgr, to meet with us at the cabin to go over everything and he will not call nor schedule at time AT HIS CONVENIENCE to see us! Hickory Mist Rentals are a joke - please don't waste your money or precious vacation time dealing with them - find a reputable agency who has an interest in customer service, accountability and integrity.
2011-05-05 11:30:35
They closed the doors a few days ago. Sounds like the owners of the company are fighting in court...money missing.
2011-05-20 14:32:34
Here's a link to the lawsuit where one manager is suing the other one: http://www.wbir.com/pdf/amendedcomplaint.pdf
2011-05-27 23:37:04
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2011-06-26 23:54:26

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