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When he's popped he gives up anyone and everyone. HAVE PAPERS ON HIM.He was responsible for at least 3 people being charged. Drew maps to their homes, gave information regarding location within the house, named people, this guy gives it all up. Hes had multiple charges and ALL have been dismissed miraculously. He never stays in jail because he gives up one or more every time even riends hes known for years. This guy is a REAL spineless piece of sh**. Hes fathered 6 kids with 4 different mothers in the last 2 years and doesnt pay support for any of themm He just moves on to the next one who is usually younger than the last one. He steals from everyone. Has taken blank checks and cashed them, stolen a motorcycle that he then totally trashed and parted out. Charges never stick on him, he ALWAYS RATS to get off his own charges. This is a real punk as* little bit**. Dude is bad news. Befriend or do biz with at your own risk because he WILL roll on you.
Category: Other Added: 2017-03-20 14:51:14 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: ID City: Gooding/Boise/Twin falls

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I am very familiar with this guy and every bit of this is truth. ALL of it. This guy is a real punk. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM AT ALL.
posted on May 02 2017 12:27:24 AM

Can you prove this South paperwork? Or give info on who he ratted on? Why hide your identity
posted on Jul 18 2017 05:45:51 AM

Im not "hiding" my identity, my name is Marney. And yes, I do have paperwork as my post states. Its not my concern if you believe it or not, this site is a courtesy not an obligation. Now give me your name so I can watch for you on the arrest pages when you choose to continue doing whatever your doing with him. Lol Why hide your identity right. Go see Tom at his bar. Check out Henrys repository. They dont get any clearer than that. This site is for YOUR protection so I dont need to prove anything, its your as* if you choose to ignore. I dont care either way. I posted because the info is solid. Your choice what you do with it.
posted on Sep 28 2017 12:25:15 AM

Is that him Henry Lozada lives in gooding, ID? I don't know which is right guy which I know. because there are many men has same first name and last name.
posted on Apr 19 2018 06:41:07 AM

Yes. He lives in Gooding or did a year ago.
posted on Nov 28 2018 03:36:16 AM

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