Heather Hampshire or Heather Jobe | Rat w/nscruples-sets closest friends up to save herself | Snitch

Heather Hampshire or Heather Jobe

Snitch Subject: Rat w/nscruples-sets closest friends up to save herself

Keeps getting busted & out. Latest was grand theft auto, b&e, possession of meth, & trespassing w/multiple warrants & existing charges. She’s out in 2 days & charges dropped. Snitched again
Category: News Added: 2018-06-08 13:22:06 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: AR City: Hot Springs National Park ZIP: 71913

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Rat w/nscruples-sets closest friends up to save herself


How bout the raid she had & bf got 14 felonies while she walks. Where’s she living now? Hmmmmm
posted on Sep 15 2018 02:29:20 PM

Lemme me say to the person who is lame enough to actually write this garbage..there is absolutely NO TRUTH to a word of this sh**! Why don’t you go read Buddy Harris’s Court Connect READ MY AFFIDAVIT!! Then go slap yourself before i find out who it is. I have 3 daughters who have been thru hell bc of losers just like you and now you are trying to have their mother killed! YOU ARE SICK
posted on Oct 01 2018 03:36:05 PM

Holy sh**? Really hun? Go be with those daughters instead of simply using them to hide behind or use for pity. Stop running the streets stealing sh** & doing dope. You rip off enough folks I hope eventually folks would wise up. Always the victim but truly victimizes others. Rolling on your friend when you can’t hold it together and get busted is bad. Ok heather stepped up to contract labor status I hear these days and Ho gets paid and dope. You better know if she has a dollar it’s yours and she stole it or it’s cop cash. Watch your as*** no matter how good a line of smack she sells. Got on the point and lost control. Go home and care for those 3 kids hun. Be the woman you pretend you are. You put everyone you meet thru hell. You ruin their lives while you pretend to be their homie. Fu***** sick sh** there. Stfu with your poor me. You’re a burden on society. You take from those who are good to you then you set them up? Cry someone else a river hun. No one buying what you be selling. Ha. Stop thieving, snitching and being overall full of horse bull. Peace
posted on Jan 09 2019 01:50:06 AM

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