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Greg Hunt

Snitch Subject: Romance SCAM

This individual I met on Facebook. He's a con-artist and used me for money and his own personal gain. Claimed he loved me but never did. Stole more than $85,000 and also stole my heart.
Category: Fraud Added: 2018-07-28 05:27:50 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: TN City: Sevierville TN ZIP: 37876

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Romance SCAM


Oh man, you need to go to the police on this assh*** if you haven't already. That sh** is low and also illegal AF. I hope you do and I hope they arrest him before he does it again. Thanks for the info. Sorry that you went through this.
posted on Aug 01 2018 04:52:52 AM

I did REPORT him to the police and ACTION has been taken. Thank you for your concern.
posted on Aug 18 2018 01:22:20 PM

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