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Snitch Subject: Adsense Fraud

I was averaging about $50 per month with Google's Adsense program. After seeing some consistent income, I decided to expand their ad listings to other sites and started using Adwords to market them. Shortly after, I earned over $200 and one day when I tried to login to my account, I got a message saying that my account was disabled. This was done without any warning or explanation. When I tried to contact them, they provided nothing but an automated message. I found that they were doing this to many others. Google is ripping people off by disabling accounts without any notification whatsoever and not paying out their account balance. It's a total fraud!!
Category: Fraud Added: 2008-05-15 18:28:40 Year: 2008 Country: United States State: CA City: Mountain View

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Adsense Fraud

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