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I wish I could trust this man and the way ALL the money is used. He will NOT disclose his budget.
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What are you unsure about? Gene is a self made man. As long as the plate gets passed around he can be what he wants himself to be. Everyone needs to find a better cause to contribute to and then watch Gene preach more and more on giving sacrificially. (Until it hurts and the utility company turns of the electricity.)
posted on Jul 17 2010 04:14:21 PM

good luck gene wolfenbarger should open the churches accounting to the church, and that of the Lords child since we are the ones who supplied the money. But good luck with that. gene doesnt answer to anyone.
posted on Sep 02 2010 01:43:03 PM

He totally mistreats his employees. They're all brainwashed and have to answer the phone every time he calls no matter what or they'll be in trouble. Once, one of the employee's wife had a baby and there were serious complications. Somebody near to the family said 'I hope Gene gives you some time off to be with your family'. Well, when ole Gene heard about that he had the staff member who had just been through the ordeal contact the person and tell them not to tell that to anybody!!! Now THAT'S compassion!!
posted on Oct 20 2010 07:44:32 PM

Now the church is having problems making payments on their mortgage.... Don't you think if God WAS in that church He would pay the bills on time? But then again, the bible says that whoever borrows becomes a slave to the lender. I am sure He wanted that for His church.
posted on Nov 04 2010 02:39:15 AM

Does anyone question Gene Wolfenbarger? Why are people so afraid to question him where their money is being spent? Is he not required to show this?
posted on Dec 04 2010 03:01:12 PM

He should be required to show where the money is going. The word now is that all of the chest of joash will go to orphans. If I were planning on giving a dime in that chest then I would make sure that when he says 'orphans' he doesn't mean 'the lords child' which really is a slush fund for gene .... ask to see where each penny is spent.
posted on Dec 04 2010 06:33:02 PM

why would/should church finances be a secret? If there was nothing to hide, I bet all churches would open their books to the public. But since so many have left the Gathering church because they are not informed or have not received proper financial accountability, there must be something to hide! But when you buy personal vehicles with church money, and mis categorize expenditures to cover up inappropriate spending, it is pretty hard to open up your books to inspection because then people may seriously question the integrity of the man preaching. Be very careful of anyone who will not take a rebuke or question. Be very careful of a teacher who intimidates you or belittles people. Who places themselves on a pedestal. Be very careful of Gene Wolfenbarger and the gathering.
posted on Dec 09 2010 09:25:16 PM

The chest of joash just took place at the gathering. they say that all the money goes to 500 orphans and a church in haiti. i would ask to see it. giving the moeny to the lords child for them to 'take care' of 500 orphans is not the same thing. many statements made from the stage are meant to be deceptive on purpose. why has nobody asked for full financial disclosure? why did they only respond with aggresive threats about suing the people that had seen what they had done?
posted on Dec 11 2010 09:37:57 PM

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