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I filed a complaint against First Place Leasing located in Garden City, Missouri with the BBB about some fraud charges on my credit card, but they did not respond to BBB. This company should not be in business and criminal charges should be filed against the owner and all employees involved in unethical practices. I filed my dispute with my credit company and I'm hoping that they investigate them and file charges against them.
Category: Crime Added: 2014-01-24 13:19:32 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: MO City: Garden City ZIP: 64747

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Unethical business practices


This company charges my card on a monthly basis and never any issues. Maybe you have the issues. Never not one charge that isn't supposed there. This company is not a scam. She takes the time and helps people out. I would recommend her company anytime
posted on Jan 24 2014 11:31:05 PM

I'm happy to hear that it's working out for you. But I had not 1, but 9 unauthorized charges on my card. When I confronted Stephanie, she said it was an error and that it would be resolved immediately and credits would be applied. I waited and waited, but nothing! I finally had to file a dispute with my credit card company and I also filed a complaint with the BBB and guess what, they didn't respond to the BBB. When a company has nothing to say to such a complaint, that says a lot about them. Not to mention the lies that were told to me on multiple occassions.
posted on Jan 29 2014 05:29:25 PM

The police are looking for her as well as management companies she has ripped off! She is stealing money from innocent people looking for a place to rent and placing them in houses she has not been authorized to! Do your research! She is a crafty liar! Find the owner of the property and call them. The walls are closing in and she will be going away for a long time. Call the Garden City police department if you've done business with her and/or her company!
posted on Feb 24 2014 11:50:33 AM

I finally got all my money back, but not because of anything that First Place Leasing or Stephanie McBath did, but thanks to the fraud department of Bank of America. I hope they investigate further and file criminal charges against her and this company! Thanks BofA!
posted on Mar 06 2014 05:43:12 PM

I have dealt with Stephanie since 2012 off and on and now on a full time basis. I own a property management company of my own and for one, in the state of missouri you all who claim your property mangement owners, you better check the guidelines because you have to be licensed in the state of missouri and be under a broker of realestate who has a license. You better watch what you say and make sure it is all true before you start talking about other peopel. she is licensed and insured. thank you steph for the hard work and look for to the future
posted on May 17 2014 04:55:53 PM

I can not believe the comments these peole are leaving, i did business with s.mcbath and she found my property and i am living in it and have been for almost 5 months nothing shady at all thank you stephanie j.brosue
posted on May 17 2014 04:56:58 PM

People once you sign an application with stephanie she turns money to owner and the OWNER deals with it after that. She is in no shape or form responsible to give you the money back... contact the owner
posted on May 17 2014 05:00:30 PM

with my experience with her and her company many people want something for nothing and if one thing gets off track they automatically thing its her fault she is the middle man for all you property management companies, get it together and help the leasing agents do there job you guys slack and it all falls back on the agents. keep up the good work steph jjjamison
posted on May 17 2014 05:02:40 PM

I have worked with stephanie since january 2014 and i know this piece of sh** that owned a company supposebly in kc Greater kc homes took her kindness for weakness and destroyed her and all that she had done. Stephanie thank GOD for the ones who are on your side and for where you are today. The "group" knows what is going and one day JOHN P. will get his. This makes me sick to my stomach it really does. thanks for all your hard work bblakej
posted on May 17 2014 05:04:42 PM

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