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I used this company for the first time to perform a home inspection, provide estimate to rehab and provide photos of property, prior to purchasing a property and signing up with their leasing service. 1) They charged an amount over what was authorized; 2) They provide incomplete service and lied about mailing a CD with photos; 3) Went on and made 9 additional charges on my credit card totaling close to $4K. When confronted about it, they flat out lied and delayed while they kept charging my card. They said they found the issue and a credit would be applied, but it would happen tomorrow. But tomorrow never came. This is not a trustworthy company. They have a F+ rating with BBB. That should have been a red flag, but the person I was working with sounded very honest. But almost nothing she said was the truth. Do business at your own risk!
Category: Fraud Added: 2014-01-05 02:59:44 Year: 2013 Country: United States State: MO City: Garden City ZIP: 64747

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Involved in Fraud


Please contact Sgt. R. Agan with the Garden City MO Police Department with ALL Fraud reports for this company! 816-773-8201
posted on Jan 08 2014 11:46:34 AM

I may know the people involved and how to find them. Email me at
posted on Mar 04 2014 07:16:39 AM

Before people start pointing fingers at who they think did it or if they know that person. Look at your own company and what your not doing right. S. McBath has done many many transactions for me and she has not one time done anything illegal or stole money from me or the "group". she is very thourough and does a great job. keep up the good work and the people who want to talk sh** will get theres
posted on May 17 2014 04:53:05 PM

I know one of these people who thought they could snitch and throw stephanie under the bus. You need to check your own company. You practicing under a broker????????? you snitch..... you better look at your own company JJjamison
posted on May 17 2014 04:58:52 PM

She is still stealing money from people. Check under Stephanie Mcbath on this site! Watch out because she has always been still and will continue to steal. She has stolen from her own father so she will take from whomever whenever! BE CAREFUL!!!!! Get her thrown in jail!!!!
posted on May 29 2014 08:22:58 PM

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