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Snitch Subject: can not tell the truth., or what soap is.

Do not give her nothing.If the mouth is moving then she is lieing.The family depends on handouts we as honest people help her she only buys non legal meds.They need help.We as honest folks are helping them so they dont need to work.Was told jobs interfere with their drug use.They only steal and rob.. But are making lot of money ripping off and stealing anytime someone turns their back.Chelsea is great for taking advantage of seniors ., handicapped.,disabled VETS., REALLY A CUN <> She uses and abuses .She was robbing me and she brought her senior mommie that also helped herself even after i told her no....Chelsea gots to do this a lot.I ALSO TOLD HER NO> DID NOT MATTER MOMMIE WAS THE LOOKOUT.Folks do you believe she brought her small children teaching them GUESS?????Mommie also showed all of um. shes still able to robbb....New young Friend im sorry i do know more than you think..Dearie im sure ya hate me im sorry bout that Chelsea gonna have to be locked up this time.Children should not be exposed to What someone like chelsea is doing.. I know you asked. i did consider that untill i came home found out that lady that old crippled one that cant walk.I think i really enjoyed talking with you.You are a very smart little Woman thaat i was really glad to talk with..THEY should get off welfare and work like all honest oops sorry. normal oops. NOPE ITS A PROVEN FACT WELFARES PAYING THEM MORE THAN THEY WILL EVER EARN..Sure all relatives are proud that they can rob and steal so good.Picked up more great stuff. Little Chr aint going to put your beautiful name associated with non honest folks.Sweets was very happy to discuss some things with you..Was very glad to also talk with another new friend.. But both ya dears im trying not to invade your privacy. If ya see um. if two things came back id be satisfied These things were handed down..
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can not tell the truth., or what soap is.


God bless You folks Im hoping ill be allowed to call you both as a friend.Please try folks not to hate me.But they gotta pay for ROBBING ME
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