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Faith depends who asks./Chelsea c., Chelsea H

Snitch Subject: Waiting

returning from the police station earlier. remembering i was asked to lighten up by a beautiful young woman or All ya going to get locked up.Im sure nobody knows wqhere you are. Yeah like all your family does not know you use all the drugs..Really pathetic.It seems as if you might at least have A FRIEND.Hope her piggy bank is hidden where ya cant find it.Was thinking of backing off only when you return What you Stole..You really are a close Family taking Mommie To rob someone..And showing your children how to steal.Sure all your Relatives are happy for ya.Being such a close family even taking you whole family to rob a handicapped.,disabled Vietnamvet.Really proud of yourself im sure.Dont understand ive been asked ???? Well was considering but get home find out someone in my Garage again.I look in it. I see nothing has been returned.So seems like a lady that lives close by i guess im being scoped out again..If police isnt at her house by now wont be long.Little one. Im sorry Im finding it impossible to drop it. Ive tried ive talked it over.But taking a family to do a job isnt right.If you all heard how much time ALL ARE GETTING YOU would Well guess.When my stuff comes back ill Quit.But all converted to DRUGS>>>>>>Proud arent Ya..Teaching little children to steal makes all the relatives smile and say thats a close knit family.Well police could not believe the theives would return., You guys have really hurt me...Little one im very sorry .I took it all in was considering this but see they have no intentions of going straight.Just see they are scoping me out to rob again..Odd mystery lady gots more balls..To be planning on hitting me even though her storage is full of my stolen stuff.Was considering . But a woman that steals something that was purchased as a gift for a young lady even after i told you fa . Yet so hung up on being so giddy cause you are there showing off your talents of a great robber.Takes it knowing its not yours in the first place.Just so selfish you feel ya just gotta take it cause ya want it even though you are so used to guess taking what you want even knowing you are taking advantage of a disabled person...Then acting like you did nothing wrong acting like i didnt know you stole it removed everything you wanted then bringing back what YOU DIDNT WANT...Do yo really think im not pissed.. You really think thatll help????Really.You dont think im that senile????? Would rather you would have just kept all of it instead returning only what byou did not want.Lady begged me for what you stole.At least she askedme. BUT YET I TOLD YOU THE SAME THING YET YOU SO DAMN DIFFERENT YOU THOUGHT YOURSELF WAS ENTITLED TO STEAL ALL YOU WANTED!!!!!!!!., No Smile Or Thank you .+A OLD WOMAN THAT WOULD STEAL FROM HANDICAPPED PERSON THAT YOU WOULD STEAL anywhere.AS OLD AS YOU ARE YOU ARE REALLY SENDING A BAD MESSAGE>>> ITS really understandable all the different names and and your moving.I SEE THE REASON NOW WHY CHELSEA IS SO F ED UP> IM SURE YOU ARE SO PROUD you helped her to become such a cu**. How are you able to look in a mirror without puking.I see you and the other theive arent the only one in your family to have many other names..If anyone knows Faith ?????? on Chancellor In goose creek to please avoid coming around me.Never .Chelsea Louis., Really great showing the little guys about sex.,drugs stealing .,bumming.,begging .,shoplifting.,screwing over anyone that trys to help you by fu***** over whoever they can..Never knew a family this fuc*** up.,I been around ive had many friends. but britt moore that stole my silver was on top of the list. but chelsea is really doing her best to be the most worthless cu t ever. Guys at least you could have said thanks. And had vasealine to screw me.I know you folks are so happy to be a family to have all the visitors that leave you money after ., Right Chelsea Forgot was told you tell all they are relatives.Im sure neighbors do know what you do. Im sure they are all to dumb.Guys are there more when you are go ....///Sure neighbors everywhere dont know about what goes on why you folks keep moving..Im sure they are not aware what you do for all those drugs yo do?!You really set a good examples. Really sure the kids., will follow.,I sure hope at least somebody has a chance to teach little guys not to do what you do.Dont see how welfare allows////You guys traveling down very slippery slopes....Friends and neighbors please help these children learn from better /.,These folks wont work., welfare helps because why?The other guy that was hired to do it to me.I made every attempt to help you. then You robbed me.,Ill not stop my new little friend .I know a bit more than you know.You need to sometime wash take a look at pics you sent me.,Big red open sores Blueish green tint.,so much dirt looks like black paint around lower part of wajimmy.... Honestly..very DAMN revolting., So screwed up on narcotics that .,Dont see guys are visiti ..//Disdusting revolting nasty fu***** .Found chelsea on web under something being done by her for drugs..Wanna laugh or puke only. Sorry new little cutie..When all is returned. Faith., Chelsea ., louis maybe safe. But i doubt it M r fRINZ.INTERESTED NOW
Category: Fraud Added: 2018-01-04 20:02:30 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: TN City: MARYVILLE ?????? ZIP: 37804

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Fu** off you old lying di**
posted on Jan 13 2018 06:36:04 AM

Old man is crazy .He doesn't have any naked pics.Except the ones of his momma in a donkey show in Tijuana .he ain't got nothing to steal either except his double headed dildo collection from 1960s vietnam.
posted on Jan 13 2018 06:39:59 AM

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