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Faggot DougAube

Snitch Subject: Panty Fag exposed

Doug went to Myrtle Beach high 1980 class. NOW his new REAL name is Doug Aube theFaggot.
Category: Gossip Added: 2019-04-13 01:03:42 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: SC City: myrtle beach ZIP: 29577

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Panty Fag exposed


Its 2019. This doesnt even qualify as good gossip anymore. You're the only one who cares about his sexual orientation. Hmmm why do you suppose you've taken such an interest it that?? Lol
posted on Apr 13 2019 03:41:38 AM

Google dougaubethefaggot
posted on May 15 2019 11:27:07 AM

I wonder how this affects since you are posting about his post.. tell us just exactly how it affects you and why you thank you got to put your $0.02 comment on here and stick your nose in other people's business. If it doesn't affect you why are you commenting? Haha LOL
posted on Jun 01 2019 12:00:08 PM

Looks like you are the one who thrives on being current with the gossip. I wonder why it seems that way LOL because it is what it is
posted on Jun 01 2019 12:06:39 PM

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