Ethan Pinney - Gang stalking

I have known Ethan Pinney for over 7 years and can recognize his face and voice from a crowd of people a mile away. Ethan G. Pinney is from south Whidbey island in WA state which is where I live to and I have been the victim of what has been termed organized gang stalking by the millions of other victims world wide. Ethan G. Pinney along with J.J. Edward's are the two main extreme psychopathic murderers who have been given the position of carrying out my murder through set guidelines from the United states government via the U.S. Army and NATO Manual on Psychological Warfare and Stay Behind Armies. I have been the victim of the most extremely vicious and horrific atrocities of torture while in my bedroom where I live in Clinton, WA, on Whidbey island by Ethan G. Pinney, J.J. Edwards making my life 24 hours a day thinking you must be in worst place in Hell any one could ever be sent, there are hundreds of other criminals involved including law enforcement and others from all walks of life. All I can figure is this is part of the satanic satanist depopulation plan for the new world orders satanic utopia world. These statements from me are true and correct I swear on the Bilble also very important point to make is Ethan Gwen Pinney from south Whidbey Island in WASHINGTON state is a Homosexual Rapist who has raped me in my bedroom over a thousand times in 7 years by means of electronic equipment of which President Obama signed an executive order making electronic rape the same as hands on rape. Also Ethan Gwen Pinney is a Pedophile and child endangerment criminal and both Ethan Gwen Pinney and J.J. Edward's and a very large number of other criminals involved in these evil demonic crimes against me and. Humanity are also hardcore Heroin addicts like Skyler Shaal, Frank Torres and many others.

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