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Elise Bonger

Snitch Subject: Heartbreaking, dishonest, little B***H

So this girl is a junior at University of Evansville. I have heard she is pretty and smart. I personally think she is a bloody f-ing idiot. She hurt a guy that would have done anything for her. She broke his heart. This little tart convinced him she wanted to be with him and then dropped him like a sack of garbage without even an decent explanation. He is heartbroken and still loves her and would take her back in an instant. I don't think she is worth it. He is too good for her. I hope he eventually realizes it before his life is ruined any more.
Category: Vent Added: 2019-10-08 20:40:44 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: IN City: Evansville ZIP: 47722

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Heartbreaking, dishonest, little B***H

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