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Hi, I worked for a company called EDS. I was the victim of racism and organized stalking via two African American employees and then psychologically abused by two white employees after whistleblowing. Does anyone remember me getting psychologically abused in front of management and the entire office? Video surveillance was never recorded during that time period and miraculously disappeared. I was there in 2008. If you have information pertaining to the abuse of power of a director at the company please contact me @ explorerchic@hushmail.com and save my life from gang stalking. Two prior employees live in the same town of Williamstown nj and Mt Laurel horse farm. EDS Cherry Hill NJ location One employee has family at Lockheed Martin and wow she can find me anywhere she wants. She even arrived on a beach haven nj beach in a peach bikini, her man and toddler to show her “inside track” US chatter insider info “ that a terrorist event was going to happen” before I left for Spain and it did. She stated on a beach that this may be the last time “he gets to stare at me” I know how much you like to stare at her. true story. Expose the crime save lives from security agencies unlawfully targeting whistle blowers.
Category: Abuse Added: 2019-12-24 06:56:49 Year: 2008 Country: United States State: NJ City: Cherry Hill

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Nicole Ivins cost me a job because she was jealous that a guy she liked was coming on to me in the office. So she went into Don Daley’s office and yelled for it to stop. I was a top performer and got laid off( company was in a downturn) they dated, got laid off several months later. Then they practically moved into my neighborhood. I got placed under unlawful surveillance because I complained about harassing emails I received. Followed everywhere with her and Freemason anonymous. I still get located by these employees, in their sick need for control and power, as well as paranoia because they both did something evil to a nice , quality, employee.
posted on Dec 26 2019 03:31:42 AM

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