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Known drug user and has been involved in several drug bust. Never spent a day in jail. Alias dk
Category: Secret Added: 2018-04-08 01:46:53 Year: 2016 Country: United States State: AR City: Van buren

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Snitch goes by dk or donnakay perdue. Donna k perdue, last name in addition Mahfouz and possible location Crawford county arkansas or muskogee Tulsa Oklahoma city or Wagner ok regions. Know associations with drug associates and she is a heavy addict of meth. She is 44 years old white female who frequents casinos in oklahoma. This rat has undisclosed criminal history and has been known to sell out to free herself of doing time. She loves to befriend ex cons and later report them and have them arrested and sent back to prison.
posted on Aug 20 2019 03:20:24 AM

THIS WOMAN IS DANGEROUS AND ALSO GOES BY DK. DOB 3-10-75 And now lives with a known drug dealer and ex con larry Shane cureton. Bot larry and dk stay in a old wore out camper off uniontown road. Both will and have snitched peoe out. Both are uneducated and lay around doing dope all day and stealing at night to support there addiction. Dk is known for whoring around and breaking up families
posted on Sep 16 2019 03:03:47 AM

Donnakay perdue known felon and drug addict. In fort smith van buren area. She is a known snitch. From the walls in oklahoma to arkansas she is linked in snitching out many who are sentenced in those places. She goes by dk. She goes where the dope is. Befriends you fuc** you then splits and snitches. She's got a free ride. Dangerous
posted on Sep 26 2019 03:17:03 PM

Keep on talking sh** an your going to be the one that comes up dead you fake as* punk bit**.
posted on Nov 05 2019 01:34:00 AM

This Rat is currently in the van buren area and associates with several x cons in area. Her home is uniontown. She is in line to rat on up to 12 ex cons at this moment. Donnakay Perdue..definite rat
posted on Nov 13 2019 08:24:28 PM

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