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Snitch Subject: DONNA RUSSELL of Lompoc, CA is a sl**.

DONNA RUSSELL, a resident of Lompoc, CA had sex with another woman's husband, WHILE THE WIFE WAS 8 MONTHS PREGNANT. DONNA RUSSELL had sex with this man in the back of the BAKER'S SQUAURE in Buellton, CA. While obviously, that guy is a complete douche, she's a who** as she knew, not only was he not available, but that he was expecting a baby. She chased him relentlessly. She's a who** and a sl** and no one should trust her in any way.
Category: Adultery Added: 2009-10-17 16:34:28 Year: 2008 Country: United States State: CA City: Lompoc ZIP: 93436

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DONNA RUSSELL of Lompoc, CA is a sl**.


She's super ugly. She's not FAT but very dumpy and has black gums. Guys from work called her Chow-Chow cuz of her black gums! haha!
posted on Oct 27 2009 11:02:12 PM

beware if she tries to get your attention- she tore apart a family and did not care in the least...Do you want her in your life?!
posted on May 20 2010 09:54:05 PM

Maybe this could have been posted by some guy who Donna rejected in favor for Mr. Douche...? The poster obviously knew about the supposed parking lot act as well as the fact of her lovers marrige... The bitter condemnation of Donna could be the sentiment of one who's affections were rejected and turned to bitter feelings of bitter spite...?
posted on Dec 06 2010 02:02:09 AM

don't think the amount of words or the scope of vocabulary makes a post justified ... lmfao ... but obvisiosly the "wife of the cheated on" wasn't kept satisfied by said douchebag ... roflmfao >;P~
posted on Dec 24 2010 10:52:31 PM

Who would care to defend this post if not a douche or a ho or someone directly involved. Think more, people.
posted on Jun 04 2017 01:36:34 PM

It's all true. There is actually a lot more victims left in the wake of Hurricane DONNA RUSSELLL aka co** monster. She has betrayed and screwed over so many people, even people she supposedly loved.
posted on Apr 22 2019 09:50:26 AM

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