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Category: Shoutout Added: 2018-02-03 08:17:54 Year: 2017 Country: United States State: PA City: Pittsburgh

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Great t busted picking up 3lbs of weed in mailbox.remember cops with car while escaping.busted in 80s with half kilo coke.never records in court..I told the dummies years
posted on Mar 25 2018 07:09:59 PM

Dumb motherfuckers...unless....they were piggybacking on the old "snitch wagon".....hmmmmmm
posted on Mar 25 2018 07:11:21 PM

Some folks deserve to be ratted on..they walked with devil and disrespected loyalty...karmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw
posted on Mar 25 2018 07:25:03 PM

Half his "VICTIMS" problem knew he was informant,but he assured them they "WERE IN"(lol lol)and they were protected by (LOL),the coppers....HAHAhahahahaha...that's what u get dumb motherfuckers,sleeping with the Fed's...what'd u think was gonna happen???u watch too many movies and u yourself went cop so eat it and take ur salt like a man u creeps!!!!!!!!
posted on Mar 25 2018 07:30:47 PM
posted on Mar 25 2018 07:32:15 PM

Just left court, wasn’t him. It was my husband’s best friend and our neighbor. My bad... SORRY He’s still an assh*** though
posted on Dec 26 2019 08:53:05 AM

We’re feeling really bad blaming him, and it turn out was sumbdy else. Cop testified that she lied about who did it, to protect ci And Dey aloud to lie to me.
posted on Dec 29 2019 04:31:49 PM

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