Disneyland - Expensive place on earth

Geez....have you guys seen the or paid the entry fee at Disneyland?? You need almost $80 just to get in and then another $100 for food/allday and then if u want suveniors..just forget about it. You can easily spend from anywhere $100-$300for 1 person there. Unbelieveable, i remember when u could have a blast with $50-$100, Those days are long gone. And its not only disneyland, its pretty much all the theme parks!!!

It's not that expensive if you eat before going and just eat there once. You could go and have fun for around $100, which isn't too expensive.
2008-04-20 13:02:44
Well if you're gonna be a cheap as* about it, then don't go there, just go to CHUCK E CHEESE!!
2008-04-20 19:22:12

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