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Diana parr cross

Snitch Subject: Rat~a~tat~tat

This lowlife east sider is who set me up to sell straight to the head of narc unit I hate this dumb bit** she is gino with the map tattoo on his foreheads room mates girl so stay very clear of her.... Me personally can't wait to run into her.... Oh n BTW even after snitching on me she still got 35 years haha
Category: Vent Added: 2015-09-28 03:55:55 Year: 2004 Country: United States State: IA City: Des Moines ZIP: 50316

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Whoever put this is an idiot don't know the game and obviously didn't get there paperwork prolly tellin yourself takes one to know one rat can't snitch on a snitch
posted on Oct 30 2015 08:18:25 AM

No I don't have the paperwork but I don't need it you are a snitch n if I see you u raggedy as* scurvy bit** I'm going beat your face in some come with it ratchet
posted on Dec 14 2015 05:24:38 AM

Dude your dumb admitting you have no paperwork and she obviously out you fuc*** ratted ya fake fu** it's obvious
posted on Apr 22 2016 12:06:25 AM

Listen here you white trash mother fu***** you really got me fuc*** up but its all good I know who the fu** iam and I know who the fu** told on me ask Gino he know that bit** told on me!!!! Your lucky I didn't know that was you when you were there cuz I promise you would of remembered snitching on me gezzard!
posted on Nov 15 2016 01:15:15 PM

Yeah this is who told on my friend also. So who ever don't believe you let them find out on their own. Then they will wish they listened.
posted on Apr 23 2017 12:03:39 PM

Your the dumb one got set up and didn’t even know the cop sold to anyone it’s your own fault can’t do the time don’t do the crime ya tweakers. Everyone should be telling on you and heroin dealers
posted on Mar 20 2018 09:40:43 AM

Oh yeah well everyone needs to beat ur ugly face in u dumb as* old wrinkled pus** fu***** snitch you know what the fu** u did hoe and it will come back to you cuz ur evil and ugly and fyi ain't no body worried about some bit** for no reason ur the fu***** dope head bit** you geek off your jewelry hoe
posted on Apr 16 2018 05:08:30 AM

Come see me cop as* hoe n I got something for you
posted on Apr 16 2018 05:09:31 AM

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