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This 31 year old woman not only looks like she was rode hard and put away wet, who fucks everyone for meth and wax hits, her supervisor who she got to have sex with her, says a third grader could do her job and that shes dumb as a box of rocks. He agrees shes a whore, but I'm sure he says whatever he needs to to get what from me like he said he does to her. Im certain after a baby text, her wanting another one, that he wont put a load in her in fear she might get pregnant. She will sleep with anyones man, she knew about me and continued having sneaky sex behind my back. She plays the victim when shes the aggressor. She has a live in dead beat bf who choked his baby and beat up the mom in 2009, about the same time she had to have gotten pregnant with her 8 year old. He works occasionally at 9pm, as her texts says to my friend, whom she leaves her daughter with while shes having sex with other men, and supposively working, who btw who she has no regards for. She will suck a mans cock for beer money as she is a nympho and she fucks on the nasty floors at Bindery One in the NASTY bathrooms. She has sent messages to her live in bf from her superviors facebook account, with graphic details of their encounters, she probably intercept them, like she did mine, and gloat about it in a text that my guy showed me. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, he agrees,, but free pussy is hard for Brian Cronk to pass up. He sees several girls, usually not long, and says that hes not sticking around with this psycho bitch. She is and has been involved with DHS and she gives two shits about her family at home, just the government help she gets, nor does she care about the relationships she causes trouble in by her spreading her nasty legs and exposing that tired worn out pussy who many many many men have found it hard to turn down, although to look at her she looks hideious, but again some cocks do not have a conscience. I just want to reiterate that her supervisor was/is as he's told me its over with her, was just using her for rides to work, pepsis and to run her errands for him and for the free pussy. He definitely donesnt want a baby, AND IM CERTAIN THAT I DO NOT SEE HIM DUMPING A LOAD IN HER NASTY TWAT, MAYBE ALL OVER HER OR ANYWHERE BUT THERE, JUST FOR THAT VERY REASON....AND HE DOESNT EVEN WANT her 8 year old she text him she would be bringing to the "relationship", in the pathetic texts she sends him. HE DOES NOT WANT A RELATIONSHIOP WITH HER AS HE KNOWS SHE WOULD FUCK ALL OVER HIM AS WELL....HE JUST WANTED THE COMPLIMENTS SHE LURED HIM IN WITH AND THE FREE PUSSY. He rents a room from a friend, and she and her deadbeat baby choking live in bf live off of the of the government people. The two losers, ugly as fuck and hateful too, because any time a woman who tries to come between another woman and their man, the men especially, should be warned to hit it and run as she is one demented pysho bitch, in my opinion. She is THE TRUE DEFINITION OF what a skanky whore is, in my opinion!
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wax/meth smoking whore/cheater

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