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Dawn Scarpitti , Dawn Carder or Dawn Marko is a SNITCH. . She has posted online about other people's drug use , making of drugs , telling locations of spots used to make.deugs, worked with local police officers or had sex with them to make charges go away She has also wrote statements and her mother is good friends with a few narcotic detectives and will make a friendly phone call for her daughter . She's been doing meth and coke her entire life and not a single charge on her record other then a spending ticket . Everyone else goes to jail and she is told to leave . Also been seen with a few cops at her house or local hotel rooms . She's a who** with a loud mouth .. stop snitching hoe
Category: Crime Added: 2018-02-04 18:33:15 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: OH City: Akron ZIP: 44312

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This is bullshit .. i dated Dawn for 5 years and complete bullshit and so not true . Someone clearly is a liar. Both myself and Dawn has had someone post fake as* sh** like this about us on the web and on Craigslist and currently it's being handled. Everything that is in this post is what has been said on other sites and I give my word that in the past 5 years of being with her I have never seen or heard of anything like this happening
posted on Feb 09 2018 12:57:29 PM

This is Dawn.. I've never snitched on anyone in my life.. I've never dated a cop or have been to a hotel w a cop. I know a lot of crap about a lot of ppl and never once have i snitched on someone. Yea I'm 47 years old I've done some drugs going up o well. The people who keep posting about me are the ones who have problems. What you don't like me because my life is right? It's right because I make that way. All you druggies get off welfare.. get a job take care of your kids and close your legs. Maybe you won't be so jealous of me.
posted on Mar 10 2018 05:58:11 PM

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