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Dawn Janey Tucker

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Dawn Janey Tucker from Shellsburg, IA. Low life unhappy piece of sh**, likes stirring up sh** to feel better about herself. Lost FOUR kids to DHS, currently working on getting her friends kids taken away as well. Sells drugs from her home located directly next to Shellsburg Elementary. When she gets bored, she rats to local police and moves to next dealer.
Category: Wanted Added: 2018-02-28 00:31:29 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: IA City: SHELLSBURG, VINTON, CEDAR RAPIDS, ZIP: 52332

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Meth Head Snitch


I know Dawn, she's great friends with my sister. I've known Dawn to be kind & caring. When my nephew died, without Dawn, my sister would not of made it through those first days. Is she a meth head ? I don't know and I don't care because that doesn't matter to me or change who she is. I honestly can say I don't believe she's a snitch cuz that's something that can be proven or disproven. The author of this blog, post whatever u want to call it isn't someone one would think credible. There's innuendos, opinions but no factual information. He/ she sounds like a bitter, angry, jealous person with too much time on their hands.
posted on Jun 23 2018 08:48:55 PM

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