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David Leroy Allen

Snitch Subject: confidential informant

Working with police busting people with drugs
Category: Other Added: 2012-12-07 23:35:09 Year: 2012 Country: United States State: IA City: Des Moines ZIP: 50317

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confidential informant


Haters will make up anything nowadays y don't you say it to my face you bit** made dude.
posted on Nov 08 2013 05:13:23 PM

And if you look up my record I have been to the joint for NOT SNITCHIN on my homies...do your homework before you make up sh** grow up.say it to my face punk.
posted on Nov 08 2013 05:22:09 PM

your a fu***** rum i sat in court room will you testified against josh turner you do a crime a set others to take the fall you are the biggest piece of sh** i have ever set eyes on just remember CARMA
posted on Jul 21 2014 11:59:07 AM

Josh turner is a rat and a pedophile
posted on Dec 10 2014 09:20:38 AM

Listen here David I got paper work... You wasnt saying any of that on the stand rat
posted on May 01 2015 04:05:10 AM

Paperwork for what him tryin to set me up? Listen here tweaker u can stick up for your own kind and yes I've heard he messed with kids too pedifile josh hangs w rats his whole family is rats that robbed my Gma sleeping years ago and ratted on eachother and still hang out he ain't never been my boy he ain't bout sh** prolly like you. But to hide meth in my car and try to set me up ha been in this to long. He was tryin to not only set me up but try to get me to talk bout his boy.did he tell ya I was in county with him ?the whole time eatin his noodles? While he was kickin it with the rat who is now his family?gtfoh y'all got the game fuc*** up. You got somethin to say get ahold of me,stick up for tweakers and pedophiles Idc. I done did more time then u prolly have been a tweaker lmfao.check my resume I'm well respected. You just keep stickin up for tweakers and baby touchers maybe you are one too. Meth is a hell of a drug. That's why I don't fu** with it y'all act like ppl don't know I don't mess with meth lmfao I smoke weed and get medicine to patients I hate meth and I hunt tweakers so let me find out...
posted on May 10 2015 09:26:36 AM

Also lmfao in the county he want to act like he racist nig*** this nig*** that claimin Arian then dabbin up kickin it with the blacks and Mexicans talkin bout if your brown you go down if your white your alright talkin bout tellin on his Mexican.strait fake as fuck.but that's what tweakers do . Will do anything tell on anyone to get that hit. Y'all think it's cool to tell on your boys and sh** then hangout with them lmfao gtfoh that's why I don't do sh** to get told on anymore. Tell on that ya rats
posted on May 10 2015 09:55:17 AM

Y'all are dumb David been helping ppl since I can remember always giving a hand or floating doing right by people and someone always has to ruin it and hate and tell on him for a plant that helps ppl. Most some tweakers who tell on him and give your kids dope. He's done time and time for other people when sh** wasn't even his. Whoever put this is dumb as fu** and is prolly tellin or told on him. Y'all can make sh** up all you want but in all honesty know one cares. Everyone still fuc** with him and knows he don't fu** them around or over. He still has loyalty. His name is good know matter how hard you try to keep him down that kid has came from nothin and been through a lot you'll never be able to break him. Why act fake though? If u don't want to be his friend don't it's your loss... Prolly hangin out with the ppl who told on him aka Jacob Douglas Phillips Cody Tolkien Tim the plumber or Nicole gooch or one of them other rats hiding behind the paperwork. Can't say that bout him can you? Real recognize real and you puss*** need to start owning up for your cases. This fool David ain't scared to go like are you serious he been locked up his whole life ain't got much to lose so keep tellin wait til karma catch u.
posted on Jul 24 2016 07:32:58 AM

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