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Darren Halper

Snitch Subject: Backstabbing thief and rat snitch

He is the worst! He uses his friends as his therapist. He blames me for his problems!
Category: Fraud Added: 2019-06-06 12:01:48 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: NY City: Flatbush ZIP: 11210

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Backstabbing thief and rat snitch


Jesus maybe you should rethink who you're hanging out with since you seem to be a victim of everyone and everything.
posted on Jun 06 2019 10:00:28 PM

I want to remove this comment.
posted on Jul 22 2019 03:49:20 PM

Only because he’s an ungrateful mook dickhead. He could become a graceful man instead of fighting with everyone and everything. I’m done with this bit**.
posted on Nov 10 2019 06:15:02 AM

I hope that he goes to jail the fu***** bastard
posted on Dec 08 2019 12:27:47 PM

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