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Crystal Brooke Novak

Snitch Subject: DOPE WHO** SNITCH

Crystal Brooke Novak Born 1991 Dope Who** Junkie Confirmed Snitch; lived with dope cook and is now ratting on old “friends” in Benton Co. Iowa. It was 100% confirmed that she has gone snitch earlier today. Officers have been reaching out to and collecting info on an entire list of people in Benton Co, mostly in the Shellsburg area. Had secret relationship with Chief of Police Marty Evans. She used to brag about how he would call her to warn her about busts/raids in the area. If you know her or have had business with her, be careful. Snitches get ditches.
Category: Wanted Added: 2018-02-11 22:51:14 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: IA City: SHELLSBURG, VINTON, CEDAR RAPIDS, LISBON ZIP: 52332

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I fu***** knew it! And she’s a pusher too... Blow this bit** up: 319-310-7784
posted on Feb 11 2018 10:55:43 PM

Not surprised ONE BIT by this... Look who she's attached herself to now, Hunter Campbell?! She's definitely in the running for MOTR already. 26 and not one tooth left in her head! BEWARE!!!
posted on Feb 12 2018 12:09:22 AM

This is the same low life that made a fake GOFUNDME page and stole money from the families of the victims of the Urbana Five. She doesn’t even deserve a ditch... I hope she getting beaten to death.
posted on Feb 12 2018 06:32:14 PM

Dawn Janey Tucker and Dayna Lyons are using a prepaid phone to make false threats and texts claiming that they are from her ex’s cellular phone. Both bitc*** are worthless dope who** skanks. They are fabricating evidence and providing it to the police.
posted on Feb 13 2018 06:32:53 PM

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