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this company is bankrupt and dishonest. the company will resort to any means to attempt to conceal this from their customers and clients. you do not want to do any business with these crooked people. read the posts here on sniitch about fontaines rental company. this company is even worse than them.
Category: Complaint Added: 2011-05-16 14:33:49 Year: 2011 Country: United States State: TN City: cosby ZIP: 37722

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crooked business


dont risk your deposit with this company. the shady dealings they do are only the tip of the iceberg. of course if you admire liars and cheats disreputable companies then this is the place for you.
posted on Jun 17 2011 04:13:46 PM

Our family just stayed with this company in June. I would say the these negative comments are probably the result of them having to fire an employee recently.
posted on Jun 22 2011 01:17:23 PM

This must definately be a disgruntled ex-employee. We just stayed for the second time with this company and everything was great. If they were really cheating people out of their money, woundn't the law be after them? We had a good experience with Cosby Creek Cabins - twice!
posted on Jun 24 2011 07:17:17 AM

It is obvious that the last 2 posts are from the owner or his/her cohorts. Do customers of rental companies know the internal workings of the company? I dont really think so.sounds like more bullshit from the assh*** owner.
posted on Jul 09 2011 07:52:28 PM

This is so sad that people have to run down others in order to make themselves feel good. You are right that customers should not know the workings of a company. So, this must mean that the neg comments are being made by the ex-employee. So sad - Get a life, or better yet - A JOB!
posted on Jul 15 2011 06:20:39 AM

I woner if July 9 post has ever called the owner an assh*** to his/her face??? HMMM!
posted on Jul 15 2011 06:55:25 AM

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