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Snitch Subject: Racism/Police Informants/HiV infection

This is a very popular gay bathouse in San Diego. They do three things in this bathouse to keep it rooling in the dough: Snitch, infect, and stalk. The last bathouse was closed because Zac Runnels and the ALpine Police Dept police snitches kept calling the police to the site. It was a predominantly Mexican bathouse and Club San Diego kept calling saying that the Mexican bathouse was holding illegal aliens. This bad rat out led to that bathouse closing. They will niow send snitched around the bathouse to come in your room and see whos having unprotected sex ad report them to the staff so that the staff later, as I found in my frind Mike's situation, they call and make him pay them not to tell anyone he had HIV..... the interesting part of the call was when he called the guys he was with "nigger whores" and once he got agreement on the blackmale, he offered to sell him HIV blood to keep him healthy from the AIDS blood he was developing. That's when we found out that they use a program by the Hells Angels where they implant you wit a glowing bar that tracks your mind and can STOP YOUR HEART.....they put this program in every Black person in the city almost and they make them commit crimes by stalking them and now we found out now that when they stalk them, they take their blood and swap the blood with AIDS blood and then the young Blacks usually die shortly after..... They also set you up as a prostitute and who** in their rooms and will send you guys that pay you for sex.... just know every room is videotaping you
Category: Complaint Added: 2015-09-08 13:31:37 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: CA City: San Diego ZIP: 92104

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Racism/Police Informants/HiV infection

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