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Chrystal Gibson

Snitch Subject: Snitch/Cop Calling Cu**

Called the cops and told them a bunch of lies and even tried to set up the owner of the house she was staying at by stashing drugs in the drop ceiling. When cops went directly to the spots...surprise!! We JUST KNEW the bit** was going to try something...and we cleaned the room! She also had debit card information written down amongst her belongings. She also took anything she bought as a gift and yet took eveything that was given to her as a gift. Called the cops at least twice and told them there were drugs in the house and vehicle. We got stopped and searched because of this.
Category: Shoutout Added: 2015-01-28 08:31:24 Year: 2015 Country: United States State: MO City: Bloomsdale ZIP: 63627

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Snitch/Cop Calling Cu**

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