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Christy Broughton

Snitch Subject: P.O.S. excuse for a mother

Well where should I start first of all Christy Broughton is a sorry excuse for a mother she said Sarah does drugs in front of her young daughter and newborn baby she just had. And talks smack about everybody around here that does the same thing she does she also prostitutes herself to make money to buy drugs for her and her bum old man literally he sets up at Walmart on the Southside bumming money holding a sign because he's too lazy to get a job and actually work. She actually has to sell her stank coochie to cover the drugs that they get Prodigy fan because they have no money. She also allows grown men to touch and see her daughter that can't be no more than two or three years old cover her drug habit expenses
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P.O.S. excuse for a mother

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