This poor excuse for a human being devised a low down plan to get probably one of our neighborhoods best citizen and all around caring wonderful man (Although my girlfriend has a secret crush on him,and truth be told it was kind of entertaining watching the two of them fu** on weekends at our house parties..My girlfriend and the guy Chris had kicked out that is) Chris ended up making a fake Email pretending to be a fake lawyer, tried to sell the landlady's house on Craiglist and stole tons of food and stuff from Sav A Lot and blaiming it on Dwayne. He was always stealing Dwayne's money and EBT card and even stole his keys and ID and tried to poison his cat and plant drugs in Dwaynes coat. Anyway, Chris had thiis plan thought up by his boyfriend who he used to work with atone of Columbus Ohio's most disgusting restaurants Wings Over Columbus which is a front for a drug and child porn ring where he sells his 13 year old daughte name Najay or something like that...oh and he also has AIDS and is trying to spread it to White Women because thats some plan of his organization he is in that's part of Islam and ISIS

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