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For years now it has been questioned and rumored that Chris is a snitch. In the last few months have heard that he is a paid informant & this was from a friend who knows Chris as well, & overheard Chris' name from someone in a separate conversation. So he asked that person what they were talking about & asked & was supposedly shown a picture of Chris confirming it was him. Was also told there is paperwork on him as being a ci. In the last few days 2 friends have been taken by the feds after searches & heard it was Chris Zimmerman that narced. Also a girl named Amber Bonowitz got busted with large amt of drugs & cash but no charges. Then police I guess went to all her drop sites. Her and Chris are friends. I want to know if all of this is true about Chris Zimmerman? He goes by the nickname of Zimm, he's 42 yrs old. Dark hair, balding on top, & is heavy set. He grew up in Hampton. He's a Tweaker. I believe he still currently resides in Boone, maybe still with his sister. But he knows ppl and has many contacts & friends all over such as Dows, Hampton, Mason City, & Marshalltown. If anyone has any info on him please post this, especially anyone who's seen or has paperwork on him. I want and need to know the truth.
Category: Question Added: 2019-02-02 18:56:56 Year: 2019 Country: United States State: IA City: Boone, Hampton, Dows, Mason City & surrounding areas

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Is he a C I?


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