Cherrie Bean - Club Snitch

Tells secrets

Big Rat MC Club Snitch Informant For Haverhill Investigations Division
2020-08-21 10:46:47
Who Ever You Are That Wrote That You Are Spot On Big Time. I Also Had a Iron Clad Information Regarding The Same Situation About Her. She Sang Like a Canary To Save Her Own As*. AND Not Just Once Or About One Thing She Ratted About a Lot Of Inside Secrets And Also Threw Her Either EX-Boyfriend Or Just Friend Also a Club Brother And a Trucking Business Owner Ratted About His Business Things He Does Under The Table. Be Very Careful Of That Blonde Tattooed Big Rat. Dont Be Fooled By Her Sad Stories She Will Rat Out Anyone Even Her Own Mom. BIG Lying RAT From Haverhill Massachusetts.
2020-11-02 08:00:05

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