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Chelsi Naquin

Snitch Subject: Heroin dealer & heroin addict & SNITCH FOR THE POLICE

AKA CHELSI NICOLEE on Facebook. Drives white chrysler 300 or newer Mercedes Benz from a TRICK/ SUGAR DADDY who is in military that she is cheating and taking advantage of... Ex stripper, got fat and washed up in state jail... Turned heroin junkie then dealer in Arlington, TX. Also in East fort Worth area occasionally- stop 6 & forest hill. She was busted 2 times when her house was raided by SWAT team. She is actively cooperating with detectives and has already set up countless unsuspected plugs or "niggers in the hood" as she calls them in private. Also her plug, and as of recently, the sperm donor to her unborn bastard child as the result of having an affair on his wife... JOHAUNT ELZY AKA "HUNT" FROM STOP 6, LIVES IN FOREST HILL, HEROIN DEALER & BARBER.. is also cooperating with detectives after getting busted because of Chelsi and her sloppy deals & laziness & disloyalty to the rules of the game. BE CAREFUL WHO YALL FU** WITH.
Category: Secret Added: 2019-06-05 13:37:42 Year: 2018 Country: United States State: TX City: FORT WORTH

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Heroin dealer & heroin addict & SNITCH FOR THE POLICE


Fake news. Obviously someone salty.
posted on Jun 23 2019 04:55:28 PM

She is so far from all of this. This girl one of tha realest I've ever met. So many people envy this girl. Because she on top of her shit.
posted on Jul 15 2019 06:53:43 PM

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