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chelsea w., c., h., plus many depending welfare.

Snitch Subject: How about learning like a friend defraud Welfare

my friends is it possible that ch. oops a theif i know could really claim more than 1 husband even though she filed with 3 different men with either different names or relatives with a llike name.In the great state of Tenn. this time. BECAUSE NEITHER CAN TAKE A DRUG TEST . BEcause guess?They said that working a job creates problems their drugs.Welfare is being kind by paying for children they claim.These deadbeats. oops freeloaders oops again fine upstanding 20 year old bums beggars and theives.No worry they robbed a friend for over 7 thousand dollars.Please dont tell the Tenn. welfare folks.Remember no welfare no meds sure meds Have no jobs no income but keep son out of school and take something to Nj.,Md., Ga., Nc., Va., Nc., Tn., Folks dont think they are doing illiegal activities Yeah Right?Took day trip took something to Ga.Then went to my friends house in Sc. stealing over 7 thousand dollars of many one of a kind items .Even after he told them no put stuff back in his garage But Faith Kibler chancellor Goose Creek signaling Chelsea and some boyfriend Loopert what to steal and tell them my friend was busy.Faith wouldnt be out done she pitched in showing that she could still rob as good as they..Really her daughter was glad to keep Robbing in the family..Im sure Faiths grand children was proud to see Mommie and Daddie And Their Granny .Staying together as a family..Faith still has the gaull to approach my friend wanting to talk like she did not do anything.Hes almost had a break down because of all those cunts.This is a terrible shock Chelsea asked my friend for money for meds because of a cut finger.Sent him a picture the a month later showed the cut finger still with the same band aid funny thing folks it was onthe wrong hand.Chelsea said needed money for food sent picture of empty fridge and cabinet. Forgot about the mirror they had more food than ive ever had.Steaks roasts cakes crackers ect?Needend help family pet killed sent a picture of road ki** sent more money.Storm went through took pics of downed tress in neighbors. Electric tuned off 5 times sent money. Kids need meds sent turned off 5 times sent money.Chelsea had visitors everytime lawrence gone.Anyone asked was all ways a relative..Poor children watching all this shameful.Unable to get out of bed drug hangover.Police check welfare of children told children sick.Bull.Kept son out of school all last year could not function because of drugs... Yet they still do so much drugs they pass out leaving no body watching children..Great parents.Parents find no need to work now welfare paying for 5 children and three different husbands.Have excuses for not taking drug tests for welfare..Good ole Tenn. Welfare..Welfare you rock keeping families together free medicine yeah Tenn. medicine.. Think lots of junkies coming your way.After Faiths gang robbed me i sent both a text.about missing crafts for my niece told faith no .Stole it anyway.Showed uo 5 days later after she stole all she wanted out of the container..I was with mike several times when all the crowd was shoplif oops steali. oops.Putting things in back... oops diaper ba. oops. pockets oops i mean shoping carts oopps... Lots of stuff never pa....Folks im sure all you people on welfare are taught by mot. oops by close relatives how to lie and cheap with not only one husband but guess?????? and surely you are claim all the 5 children you aint got HUH?hay raven. yeah folks surely using so many names and living and shoplift at the Goodwill stores because your moth....fait cant stop stealing . Yeah nobody knows all of the stealing going on by Guess who.??????? Folks my friend said that even in his travels there is no body even close to being the scum you folks are..hes got lots of folks doing.......But can you believe an old hag steals nearly on a daily ..Well the friend says Because Chelsea Caldwell Is like her mother a f ing cun t. My friends ive not lived a sheltered life.Heard lots saw lots watch most wanted ., cop., police live., did not know such low life scum is out there.Besides robbing my friend a report states sex at a child like level has been dealt into this girls prego very ., very., young is this the way modern mothers are teaching seems like Faith Kibler Of Goose Creek Sc has taugh...... Guess??????? Seems like Chelseas mother is still stealing from my friend then vendors in Goose Creek Sc. Where Faith Kibler Is Hi . ./// Woops Was told made pics off tapes showing an really old Faith walking out hiding something..... FOLKS THESE FOLKS PACK GUNS. And taking strange meds cooked in hiding places. Im sure Chelsea Caldwell On 618 kenzel ave in maryville tenn. Getting more names.Folks those guys Chelsea lays around doing those funny meds that they snort shoot into those wacked out jailhouse tats are used more than once a day right???????..Ive never saw anything as f ed up that sh** all over them cun s . Friends and neighbors after Those assh**** robbed my friend they started pawning before getting out of 119 Chancellor Ct. Goose Creek Sc 29445.Thats where lots of my friends stolen items are ..Faith Kibler is holding on to the things she stole from my friend. Such a fine ole lady But buddies its all a front.Folks what do you think of people that Donate to GOODwill so it makes her feel better when stealing much more than you donate.. Really wonder if Fait oops knows switching prices is shoplifting...Guess she will have to retrain Chelsea?????? Forgot Chelsea cant read...But dundalk high ball team sure remember who huh Chel?????? Sure hope helseas 5 children are safe. Im sure all the fake children she claims pays very well.Keeps her 3 made up Husbands and 5 kids are ok???????Sure hope she stopped doing the sex stuff around children.Sure the smell ..Landlord getting paid guess????????Welfare Workers???????Homeless Men with foodstamps.Gay folks for each. Escort business on craigslist backpage... Face book porno., Face book dru?????Facebook bumming ., and begging.,ora a l for cigarettes from homeless boys.????Yeah and faith begging but blue not look right on faith in you tub??????? Sure hoping this is the year Chelsea Showers Damn.for more than 7 thousand dollars my friend got 7 nude pics. Folks got worst jailhouse tats ever. Some assh*** had to be screwed up totally to do sh** like that...Pitiful..He said nude pics of chelsea so bad it made him puke.IM no doctor but flakes white liquids .,greenish blue haze isnt normal....I hope shes not meeting guys in backseats of cars in the bars parking lots. with sons in the car......Folks do all these crack., meth., and heroin who*** do this...But Tenn. Doing really Good for all the husbands an 8 children she claims...IM really happy my friend was able to help all the Crack who***!!!!!!Surely No guy hard up enough touch filth as this nasty f ing cunt!!!!!!!!!Sometimes folks goverment doing not a thing but making it easier for Chelseas addiction.?:"K*)^. Is sex with under 18 legal??? No How did a baby at 14?????? Folks society doing good job of giving ammo . to use for getting drugs. ONLY thing seems im the bad.....Worked all my life now Chelsea and dingle Di** are retired in their 20s..My friend Was robbed ., and used for attempting to assist a stanky ska**. Faith said she had a mental problem..I guess if my children came up like Faiths Chelsea.,I doubt i would even claim her.Really it shows a very very., shity upbringing.... But Chelsea has to be locked up. was told %#@(*++::? years... Thank God! Really think Another female relative gotta go there.Hope Chelseas out by age 60^0??????????.If i have my way.She will never get out hopefully. Folks please thank welfare for keeping all these wonderful junkies able to get more non legal meds??? The police wont help me at all.Because children are involved?But what about the children they had that have disappeared.. Yeah help um welfare all my friends stuff they stole injected in the ugly tats.,smoked up., and snorted...Please help Chelsea if not with money for narcotics., oops.,meds.,?Im sure the smells worse i guess homelees guys used to her and her nasty stinky private area..Wonder what children think when all these guys on top of mommee making weird noises...Welfare getum more money. Her smell really bad.,Landlord getting his as oops. Claiming all three husbands with her numerous amount of kids. Dont understand welfare just continues giving the bit** extra money for christmas yeah sure my friends someone gotta teach Chelsea What Soap is For.never used it before nor deodorant.Shampoo., no toothpaste. Drugs done got the teeth....But her Good smelling soap.,perfume.,shampoo., Bit** never took that of course cant trade that for her NARCOTICS Seems like someones mother doesnt know enough to teach her the use of soap. But all their teeth ate up by drugs...Really pathetic a older woman doesnt know enough to teach her daughter to wash her stanky vagina as* hole and her face smells the same.These people never look clean. Mother and daughter smell like nasty hook. oops .Like putting perfume on a pile of dog sh**. Hope they aint into getting pooped on. Was told Chelseas into the Golden Showers..This girl into ANYTHING ANYTHING AT ALL FOR HER DRUGS>> Not legal kind >>>>>, <<<<<< All the drugs taken by Chelseas ate her mind away PLEASE GIVE HER MONEY TILL IT HURTS>>>>OUT OF NARcotics..
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How about learning like a friend defraud Welfare

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